Tax Dispute Resolution

Calm During the Storm

Anyone who faces the reality of the IRS telling them that they or their business owes a bunch of money, that’s called a storm. Brouillard Law can help you calm these waters through effective and experienced representation. With over 20 years experience representing the IRS with the Department of Justice, Brouillard now turns the tables for you. Click on the button below to contact us for a time to discuss your circumstances.

Why Brouillard Law is the Choice for Disputes with the IRS

It’s simple.  For over 20 years, Robert Brouillard represented the IRS as an Assistant US Attorney at the Justice Department.  Now in private practice he is able to put this experience to work for you.  Look to Brouillard Law for all of your legal tax needs.

  • Response to IRS notice of audit or findings
  • IRS appeals and negotiations
  • General representation during the dispute resolution process